Elite Recycling and Disposal, LLC

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Recycle Guidelines

A Guide to Comingled or Single Stream Recycling



-  Cardboard

-  Mixed Paper

-  Newspaper, magazines, Catalogs

-  Paper bags

-  Phone books & paperback books

- Juice cartons & milk cartons

- Plastics containers #1 thru #7 

- Paperboard such as cereal boxes, cracker boxes, paper towel rolls, egg cartons

- Steel cans, depressurized aerosol containers

- Aluminum cans, foil, pie plates

Please be sure to remove lids from containers-DO NOT BAG YOUR MATERIAL-LEAVE THEM LOOSE IN THE CART. No liquids or food scraps. Please rinse all food containers.


· Glass

· Trash or bagged items

· Plastic bags or plastic film

· Styrofoam of any type

· Hard plastics such as toys, PVC, flower pots

· Ice cream containers & frozen food boxes

· Ceramics, automotive glass, drink ware, light bulbs, CFL’s, Pyrex, window pane

· Electronics and batteries

· Hazardous waste containers such as motor oil containers, pesticide containers

· Construction material 


“When in doubt throw it out” as it is better to not recycle something than to contaminate the entire stream.